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What happens when you mix two clowns, a speed juggler, and a gorgeous aerialist with a charming circus tent and sprinkle a big dream on top? You get The Petite Palace, that’s what! We are a passionate troupe of variety performers from all walks of life and corners of the globe. Friends and co-performers Dario and Kerlly Vazquez and Matt and Heidi Morgan sat down together and dreamed up a project that would soon be named, The Petite Palace. The idea was to take a small tent and turn it into a traveling venue, one that would bring communities together and serve as an intimate, fun, and eclectic home to a variety of shows. Plans were laid out, coffee was had, names were thrown around, mostly in a nice way and a game plan was set into action. 


It's what's on the inside that counts

It is our goal to bring communities together by giving them a unique opportunity to have a shared experience that let’s them forget outside distractions and let go in a welcoming, safe and inviting environment.

 We intentionally chose a small tent for three reasons:

  1. We wanted to be able access locations within the heartbeat of a city, locations that a large tent would not be able to fit into.

  2. We wanted to make touring to as many towns and cities across the nation as possible as we can. Having a smaller tent means a greater capacity for travel, keeping costs down by minimizing the amount and size of vehicles and manpower (even a small tent takes a LOT!)

  3. We wanted our shows to be a very special and memorable experience for our audiences, shows that they feel with all of their senses, and that they can participate in completely. An intimate space allows for a fully immersed entertainment experience.



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